so i got a letter, the letter contained words like abnormal and severe.. but its ok cos treatment is 100% effective.

thats fair enough but how do you expect someone to not freak out when you see the word severe?? especially in a letter about pre cancerous cells, and a procediour that requires you getting a camera in a very uncomfortable place?! anyway the doctor made me feel like an idiot for going in with questions.. next time i should probably sit panicing for 2 weeks or google till i have a stroke with all the scary stuff on there..

*sigh* i just want good news for a change…


my dad has diabetes, but he cant/wont control it, he doesnt eat, and drinks vodka every day, then moans how much he is suffering, that he cant walk and its literally killing him, i ask ‘why dont you go back to the doctor?’ he replies ‘oh no, i dont want to go to hospital’ (very unlikely, he’s actually afraid he’ll be told off for drinking and told to stop) there is no helping him until he helps himself, and if he’s literally dying its by his own hand. i dont have the energy for it, i went through enough of this years ago with my mum.

A’s dad had a heart attack, we found out yesterday (he lives in the states) he is in good health, and mostly looks after himself, but is now stuck with a massive medical bill, i find myself worrying more for him than for my own father!

it sounds like im a bad daughter but there is more to the story that would take forever and im sure im boring enough 😉

i forgot to blog, i started this and forgot about it!

anyway, whats happening? B and i are taking a break on potty training, she’s not ready, she’s only 2 so there is no rush, i hate seeing parents pushing their children when they are not ready, she’ll do it in her own time 🙂

C however seems to be getting better in the reflux department which is a relief! he’s holding his head better and trying to sit up so i think thats helping. anyone who has experienced the pain of having a baby with reflux will know my pain, the health visitor agreed with me that its a very stressful thing, you change them, then 5 mins later they are soaked in sick, washing machine constantly on, washing basket overflowing, 4am changing clothes, you yourself are perma covered in sick and have no nice clothes, and of course a sad baby.

so fingers crossed for an improvement!!

is there anything more scary than potty training? we’re not really using pull ups, we’re starting by letting B run around naken in the front room with the potty nearby, im pretty sure there will be a big steaming turd on my carpet soon…

we need to move, but cant yet. its complicated but there are 2 adults (me and my bf A) and 2 babies in a one bed flat.

im completly addicted to looking at property sites, i do the serious views (where i put in what we could afford) and i do the ‘if we won the lottery’ ones. i have 4 different property apps on my phone, i have mentally decorated my babies rooms over and over in my head!

*sigh* one day… hopefully soon?

well id been meaning to start a blog for ages, im not sure why, maybe just somewhere to organise my many wacky thoughts..

i have 2 babies, B&C, B came into our lives two years ago and changed our lives completly, and C appeared this january and made our lives complete.

becoming a parent changed me, i havent slept properly in over two years (its not easy sleeping in late pregnancy) my tummy is a saggy mess of flappy skin (nice) i dont get wasted every weekend (or at all now) i gave up my full time job for a job thats 24/7, but i wouldnt change it for the world!

B is learning to talk. she doesnt have many words, but she has her own language, she makes me laugh with it! she calls pandas ‘garden’ and mr tumble (if you have a young child you will know who) ‘ouwie’ she sings the ‘dubdub’ song (dubadubadubadubdaaduuubdub!) and makes animal noises to describe animals. she is my little monkey 🙂

C is trying to sit up, he gets so frustrated that he cant yet, he see’s his sister on the move and you can tell he wants to up playing with her, slow down little man, there is plenty time for that!


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