well id been meaning to start a blog for ages, im not sure why, maybe just somewhere to organise my many wacky thoughts..

i have 2 babies, B&C, B came into our lives two years ago and changed our lives completly, and C appeared this january and made our lives complete.

becoming a parent changed me, i havent slept properly in over two years (its not easy sleeping in late pregnancy) my tummy is a saggy mess of flappy skin (nice) i dont get wasted every weekend (or at all now) i gave up my full time job for a job thats 24/7, but i wouldnt change it for the world!

B is learning to talk. she doesnt have many words, but she has her own language, she makes me laugh with it! she calls pandas ‘garden’ and mr tumble (if you have a young child you will know who) ‘ouwie’ she sings the ‘dubdub’ song (dubadubadubadubdaaduuubdub!) and makes animal noises to describe animals. she is my little monkey 🙂

C is trying to sit up, he gets so frustrated that he cant yet, he see’s his sister on the move and you can tell he wants to up playing with her, slow down little man, there is plenty time for that!