i forgot to blog, i started this and forgot about it!

anyway, whats happening? B and i are taking a break on potty training, she’s not ready, she’s only 2 so there is no rush, i hate seeing parents pushing their children when they are not ready, she’ll do it in her own time 🙂

C however seems to be getting better in the reflux department which is a relief! he’s holding his head better and trying to sit up so i think thats helping. anyone who has experienced the pain of having a baby with reflux will know my pain, the health visitor agreed with me that its a very stressful thing, you change them, then 5 mins later they are soaked in sick, washing machine constantly on, washing basket overflowing, 4am changing clothes, you yourself are perma covered in sick and have no nice clothes, and of course a sad baby.

so fingers crossed for an improvement!!