my dad has diabetes, but he cant/wont control it, he doesnt eat, and drinks vodka every day, then moans how much he is suffering, that he cant walk and its literally killing him, i ask ‘why dont you go back to the doctor?’ he replies ‘oh no, i dont want to go to hospital’ (very unlikely, he’s actually afraid he’ll be told off for drinking and told to stop) there is no helping him until he helps himself, and if he’s literally dying its by his own hand. i dont have the energy for it, i went through enough of this years ago with my mum.

A’s dad had a heart attack, we found out yesterday (he lives in the states) he is in good health, and mostly looks after himself, but is now stuck with a massive medical bill, i find myself worrying more for him than for my own father!

it sounds like im a bad daughter but there is more to the story that would take forever and im sure im boring enough šŸ˜‰